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I don't quite understand this
When you call your shot, youre indicating where on the target the round will impact from the sight picture/target relationship at the time the shot broke.

In other words, and somewhat simplified, the last thing you saw when the shot broke, was a perfect sight alignment that drifted slightly towards 1 o'clock. If you called it right, thats where the hole in the target should be, somewhere between the "X" and the edge of the bull at 1 o'clock.

What it tells you is, youre paying attention to what youre doing and your sights, and you know right where the round was headed at the time it broke. If it goes somewhere else, youre not paying attention, and/or doing something you shouldnt be. You should know where the round went, good or bad.

I imagine myself wanting to stage the trigger while learning where the trigger breaks and I read that staging the trigger is not good practice.
I suppose this falls under a definite "maybe".

I stage the trigger too at times, when it needs to happen. Most of the time, I usually just stroke it. Hmmm, I know what I meant, and you know what I meant, but it still doesnt sound right.

How can I learn where the trigger break is
Technically, youre not supposed to know. Realistically, we want to, and at times, need to. The only way to really know, or at least have a good idea, is to spend some time with the gun.

The downside to knowing, is it can cause you issues with anticipation and flinching, especially with heavy recoiling guns. The idea is to focus on the sights, and not worry about the break. To much anyway.
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