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Great replies and experiences, thank you to all!

Also try to "call" your shots as they break, this will emphasize your focus on sight alignment and knowing where the round was going when the gun went off.
I don't quite understand this - could you please explain more? Thanks.

Reason I asked if there was a stipulation on what you can qualify with, can ya borrow another firearm from a buddy to qualify with and later on pick ya up something you like better trigger wise?
I thought this is why you asked. I could do that - the place where we are taking our CCW in March does offer a rental pistol for their class. They offer the Smith & Wesson 22A 22 lr. The thing is, I really like the idea of the DAO with no manual safety and I would like to carry this type. I would much rather prefer to qualify with what I plan to carry. I know I can do it, just needing some tips on how to get there

It is really all about learning how to break the shot when the sights are aligned. First you must master when the trigger will break, then controlling that happening when the sights are on target. With practice, it is pretty subconcious.

Really learn a triggers break point first, then practice moving the gun to the POA as it breaks.
I imagine myself wanting to stage the trigger while learning where the trigger breaks and I read that staging the trigger is not good practice. How can I learn where the trigger break is (which I assume is when the gun goes bang?) while not staging the trigger? It makes perfect sense to be able to be sure the sights are on target when the trigger breaks, and tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

Again, many thanks for all the help to everyone. The firearm crowd sure is a friendly and helpful one!
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