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If they can't legally sell it as a gun, you should be concerned. Those "legalities" exist for a reason.
I'd have to deviate a bit on that remark. From my understanding, the legalities are so they can actually be exported from India, not because they can't be imported here. So, they are skirting India laws, not ours. I've never heard of an India gun blowing up or anything like that. They just use teak wood (usually) and stain them to look a bit like walnut (or something else), and that grits on me a bit. I have seen one that didn't spark well until the frizzen was hardened (that was several years ago). I've also seen one that had a real hard trigger pull, and had to be worked a bit to free up the works of the trigger in the stock so it had better access to the sear (owner had to remove some wood). I'm not calling them junk. I'm just saying they can be a project. I'd rather get a kit gun from Track or Dixie if I have to work on it anyway. Also, I've seen a traditions flintlock spark better than anything, but that's not the norm in my experience, YMMV.
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