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While equipment makes a difference, proper practice has a much larger impact. A long smooth pull has to be learned, but once mastered, you can do well with most any firearm - provided you become competent in the other parts of marksmanship – sight alignment, grip, stance, breath control, front sight focus, etc.

A friend got a new 40S&W Sigma and was complaining that it didn’t seem to shoot very well. While he has hunted for years, he hasn’t owned a pistol. When with him to the range a couple of weeks later and watch him shoot several 12-15 inch groups from 15 feet. He was wondering if there was a problem with the pistol and asked me to shoot it. This particular pistol had a horrendous trigger; however, I easily shot a 4 inch group from 15 yards (three times the distance he was shooting from) the first time I shot the Sigma. Even with the poor trigger, I thought the pistol had some good potential for the investment.

The main difference between our groups wasn’t due to the equipment, but to the experience.
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