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Bad news and good news

Stopped into the same LGS last week to inquire about finding a Winchester SXP shotgun and maybe a RIA GI 9mm. Went back today to see what they had to say. They hadn't been able to find either yet. So I thought I might as well look around.

This LGS is your typical small shop with a couple lanes for indoor small caliber shooting. Before the panic, if you saw two cars there, it was busy. Their parking lot has been packed ever since the panic started.

Bad news: they're pistol selection was severly thin, and some of what they had left was on consignment.

Good news: the prices weren't inflated like I hear other people talking about. Probably why they were picked clean. lol

Bad news: all the "scary" rifles they had were on consignment and were double if not triple what they should be. EX: "Like new condition" Century Arms International RPK with 40rd mag that used to sell for $699, was on consignment for $1450.

Good news: they had some "scary" rifles. Some I hadn"t seen in awhile, like the RPK. They were used of course, but were in pretty nice shape.

Bad news: didn"t have what I wanted. The clerk said that he was surprised he couldn"t find one and that apparently, in general, shotguns were starting to be affected by the panic, making them hard for him to get. He said he figured shotguns wouldn"t be affected by the panic, so he's starting to worry.

Good news: they had a few Remington and Mossberg shotguns left, even some "scary" ones. What new shotguns they had were reasonably priced, only the few used ones on consignment where inflated.

This shop has been around for years and has always seemed pretty fair on their pricing. Glad to see they haven"t started gouging like other places I'm hearing about.
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