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All right I have carried the S&W 13 I like it a lot was easy to carry ISW I still carry my Model 49S&W snub as a pocket pistol sometimes.

On to the Bersa and PPK/S BersaThunder is slight larger than the PPK/S I can Pocket carry The PPK/S but not the Thunder Thunder has way better trigger than the PPK/S Both are accurate. CC will fit most pockets
Bersa CC and Bersa Thunder both have a firing pin block and can be carried safety off ready to fire , The DA trigger just like a revolver So I use only as a decocker .
As for the CC mags and the thunder mags . Factory say not to interchange. I have CC mags for my Thunder and they work perfect other have also tried. I THINK that came about because when CC 1st came out every one wanted the flat base 8 round. bersa a small company couldn't supply so said not to use.

If you want more info on Bersa come over to my home and we will be glad to help you out.
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