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Persuasive only by your standards Win_lose.

The Feds don't need to be pushing this because it's a State issue. When my State brings it up our people will deal with it our own way.

But assume it is proposed at the State level;

No one can show that a background check on personal sales of firearms would prevent a single crime and in fact the very concept is completely illogical.

I have explained this to you several times and you keep blowing it off never addressing it.

Laws have a purpose, they guide the law abiding, they form a justification to punish the law breaker. But laws can not prevent illegal actions.

My proof is simple, if laws themselves could prevent illegal actions then there would be no crime.

I say this is a perfectly valid argument though you refuse to acknowledge it.

Lastly I bridle at your dogged pursuit on this topic. I could have used the same 8 hours I spent screwing around about background checks actually researching something that actually has a chance to be an effective measure. **** I could have at least gone to bed early enough to have gotten some from my wife
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