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The Loyalist Arms guns are NOT "decorative pieces." They are actual firearms that come with the vent holes drilled. They ship the locks separately to avoid legalities. (It is another Canadian vendor that sells the un-drilled guns.)

My brother has owned and shot one of Loyalist's "Brown Bess" muskets for years, and it sparks better - with fewer misfires - than any Pedersoli I've experienced (and I've owned one of those!). I myself owned a flintlock pistol from Loyalist that was just fine.

Again, the fit and finish of the India guns is not fantastic, which is reflected in the prices. But, there's nothing wrong with the barrel steel or the breech plugs, and the lock springs are nice and strong. The folks condemning these guns have by-and-large never owned one.

I dumped over $1100 on a custom English long fowler, which I love. I know the difference between the "classes" of muzzle-loader, as I've been shooting the things for 40 years. Many can't spend that kind of money. The India guns fill a niche for the beginner, or those with spending constraints....
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