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Thanks much for all your input and photos. I gotta admit those revolvers are a thing of beauty and starting to grow on me. Didn't pay that much attention when I was younger but these days they really catch my eye.

To my knowledge the H&R revolver in question has never been refinished since there are no collectors in our family, and it is not in pristine condition. Some small spots of corrosion don't show up in the photos. And the reason I took it to a gunsmith is because the lock up was getting loose causing it to misfire sometimes, I assumed because the spring loaded latch was wearing down. I was disappointed when I got it back since the gunsmith replaced the latch with a non plated one although he assured me it was tighter, had test fired it many times and would no longer misfire. Maybe so, so I let it go at that since it is just a glove box piece anyway, but needs to be reliable.

My Dad and Uncle and I had always fired S&W longs in this little gun and never gave it any thought. But since it was getting loose and misfiring I figured there had to be a good reason so I started doing a little research. Now I'm reluctant to fire it at all. I'm not a collector and don't want to keep anything around that may be dangerous so I'm going to offer it for sale somewhere.
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