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Myth-internet falsehood

"Lead bullets in semi-auto gas guns will foul the gasports". Wrong!

Lead bullets have been fired in garands, AR-15 .223, and many other calibers for years. Many of the shooters over on , have been and continue to shoot cast in their gas guns with no problems what-so-ever. Normal cleaning of the gas system is all that's needed. AND with minimal leading IF the loads are kept within reason. You DO clean your gas system,,--right?

Internet myth, boosted along by somebody that 1, has never done it, and 2, HEARD somewhere that you get plugged up gas systems.

Have I done it? Yes about 15 years ago, with my M-1 garand and 180 grain cast, gas checked boolits. Worked the action and no leading. Accuracy was acceptable, but not on par with jacketed loads. I lost those notes in a move, but data is in many cast boolit manuals.
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