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For a given peak pressure level in the 9 mm, correct loads of Bullseye actually fill the case better than 231 or #2, so if you look at your powder levels as you load you are less likely to let an accidental double-charge get by with Bullseye than with either of the others.

There was an article in one of the magazines (maybe Handoader) some years ago about the phenomenon called "Bullseye surprise" in .38 Special wadcutter loads. Despite claims of detonation, voodoo, the phase of the moon and about anything else you could try to blame other than the person doing the reloading, work by metallurgists showed it was actually simple double charges that were responsible. The term "Bullseye surprise" developed at a time when Bullseye was in the vast majority of center fire handgun target loads, so it followed that it would be involved in the most accidents with them. The .38 Special case, in particular, is tall enough that it's just not as easy to spot a double-charge of the common 2.7 grain wadcutter load in it, as it is a double charge in a .45 Auto or other shorter case.

In any event, I loaded more of the stuff than anything else, starting right from the beginning of my .45 Auto reloading experience (late 70's) and never had an issue nor ever knew anyone who did. That's anecdotal, of course, but it's been used for over a hundred years in target loads, including in substantial volumes by the military early on for hardball and without any special warnings about it cropping up.
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