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The law firm is making public its centerpiece signature attack on the SAFE Act.

According to Tresmond and his team, the SAFE Act's registration registration requirement violates the precedent set forth in Haynes v. United States. This was a landslide 7-1 decision from the liberal 1968 Supreme Court, which held that registration requirements are virtually unenforceable for rifles that are already owned by violate the Fifth Amendment's protection against self incrimination. Furthermore, the Act commits a violation of the 14th Amendmen's Equal Protection clause, because individuals who disobey the assault weapons registration requirement under PL 400.00 subdivision 16(a) and thereby become felons, will be afforded full protection by the law under the Haynes doctrine while law abiding citizens will be forced to circumscribe their liberty. This devastating attack upon the assault weapons registration program, the piece de resistance of the NY SAFE Act, will be difficult for the Attorney General to overcome.

More to come...
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