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...anyone have an idea how many clibers have really come and gone in the last 25 years?
Define "gone". Few pistol cartridges truly disappear, as an enthusiast can handload virtually anything, but some have fallen largely into disuse.
.356 TSW is one that never really went anywhere to speak of.
+1, along with another competition-oriented 9mm cartridge, the 9x23mm Winchester.

Another candidate- if revolver cartridges count- is the 9mm Federal, a rimmed 9x19mm Luger derivative released in 1992 for use in the then-new Charter Arms Pit Bull* revolver. Unfortunately for Federal, Charter Arms went bankrupt almost immediately after the revolver went into production, and very few were sold. Although it was dropped from production very quickly, the ammo is ironically a good deal easier to find than the gun, because IIRC its rim dimensions are not compatible with most revolvers set up for 9x19mm with moon clips, and autoloading pistols will not feed it properly.

*The previous Charter Arms Pit Bull- and the Charter Arms company that produced it- bear little relation to the current Charter Arms Pit Bull, which is set up for conventional 9x19mm using special ejector tabs instead of moon clips.
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