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Dishonest in general aggravates the hell out of me. Problem is, in to-days screwed up society it seems it has become totally acceptable and practiced by most. I wonder why a company that has a "good" product should have to or want to be disingenuous in advertising. I guess it's just because they can.

Here's a perfect example. 2nd. day air. I ordered a produce Sunday 2nd. day air. It shipped Monday "morning". I traced it and it is being trucked from stop to stop no "AIR" involved. Either that or they have one slow arss plain. It's out for delivery but not here yet. 2 days are 24 hours. 24 hours ended at 7:AM this morning. Nit picky. Yep! But it proves that exaggeration is perfectly acceptably by today's standers. I didn't pay for 34 hour delivery (that's if it gets here by 5:PM. Last time didn't arive until 9:30 PM) I paid for 24 hour delivery.
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