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Beware Swaged bullets!

Any squib loads that I have experienced have caused bullet to only slightly go into the revolver's cone or riflings, until now. I have always shot jackets rifle bullets which never develope anough pressure to case mouth. I shoot nothing but CCI. I have always shot hard cast or jacketed pistol bullets. If a squib load, the primer would propel the bullet just enough to jam a prohibit next rnd from going to battery.

Recently, I started using soft swaged 38 158 grain bullets. They are very accurate but soft and a dry case with only a primer will lodge them into a revolver cone, and you will be able to spin cylindar for next shot, which will be bad news. I tested one. I tapped it out via cleaning rod.

I have had malfunctions with jacketed and hard cast lead bullets, but apparently the metal was too hard for just a primer to force bullet into the barrel where another charged bullet could come behind it.

Be careful!
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