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Thank you TFL members, and remember clean those guns!

Hello everyone. Just want to share a story with you. Last year I bought my dream gun. Beretta 92A1. I had wanted it forever, and I knew eventually I would grab it. So I enjoyed shooting all my others, but last year I knew it was time.

I took it to the range and squeezed off 5 or 6 and then... stovepipe! I said ahh just a fluke. A couple more rounds through it, and another stovepipe!

After battling with stovepipes and a couple feed jams throughout the day, I left mad of course. Went home and blamed it on ammo.

Went to the range about a month later, 1 good mag went through but no lock back after the last round. Then the stovepipes again! All day. I thought to myself could I be limp wristing and not know it!? I've been shooting for quite some time now and never had to battle with it. Maybe its kicking in? Did I accidentally change my grip and not know?

I asked a couple of people about it and they all said the same thing, limpwristing or clean it. I'm the kinda guy that needs to know why I'm doing something or I won't do it. So I go back to the range with the mindset that its limpwristing. I try all sorts of different grips and stances and nothing but stovepipes again, so bad that I wasn't enjoying shooting at all.

I go home again and I was about ready to sell the damn thing. I started doing some research and came across TFL and some old threads. After a butt load of reading about the factory grease in the gun, I broke down and did a VERY THOROUGH CLEANING. Ive always believed guns should work perfectly right out of the box.

Out to the range I went the next day (I kept telling myself if it jammed one more time, she was gone). Bam! 300 rounds went through it that day without a problem! Now I hardly shoot anything else. To this day I still haven't had a jam.

Thank you people.
This thread is intended for the new shooters out there. With everything going on now TFL is bound to get some new shooters. Clean those autos guys! They may be a simple machine, but they still need tlc. I know I've learned my lesson, and I've been shooting a while! Thanks for listening.

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