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Waking up this "dead" thread with the latest (although somewhat dated) info from the CA appeals court.

The appellants filed their reply brief on Sept. 26, 2012: Appellants’ Reply Brief

Here, the appellants/defendants argue that a facial challenge to the law, that the law must be vague in all of its applications for a challenge to succeed.

Then on Oct. 9, 2012, a pair of amici curiae filed briefs in support of the respondent (plaintiff). They are:These two amici briefs rebut the appellants reply, above.

The appellants were given 30 days to respond to the amici briefs and on Nov. 13, 2012, they filed their response: Appellants Answer to Amicus Briefs of FFL Guard, LLC and Gun Owners of California and Law Enforcement Alliance of America. A summary of the rebuttal is in the second paragraph of page 5 of the pdf:

The amicus briefs at issue have been submitted by avowed gun control opponents. The briefs fail to properly analyze the relevant legal standards, cite a depublished case, and improperly attempt to expand the scope of the appeal. The briefs lack legitimate persuasive power, fail to illuminate any issue of consequence in the action, and need not be considered by the Court.
This case is now fully briefed and we await further court action.
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