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AL45-- FWIW-- I shoot a Jonathon Browning Mountain rifle in .50. I did not get into BP until approx 3 years ago. I like the muzzleloader a bunch - big octagon barrel, real sweet walnut stock (marbled) and brass furniture. Browning made a thousand or so of these muzzleloaders back in the late 70's early 80's as a commemorative to Jonathon Browning, John Moses Browning's father - and another gunsmith. These are available from time to time on GunsInternational, GunBroker etc. They were made in .54 as well and w/o the brass furniture. Some custom packages were also produced.

I shoot Triple 7 in mine-- just not a purist! Assists with clean up.

You would not go wrong with one of these cap and ball Hawken muzzleloaders!


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