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Ok let me clear a few thign up. I didnt post to hear everyones opinions on my ethics and habitts, and blah blah blah i was asking abotu the ammo. with that I was not using the leverevolution that day. it was teh z-max(xombie max). I bench fired the rifle the day before at 100 yards. If you read through all of the post. I admit that it was partial human error. I have been hunting for 16 years now and killed many deer with a 30-30 this just happened to be a new one with a scope and not opened sights. The first shot most likely was low. After i shot it i waited in the blind 30-45 minutes then was walking back to camp to get my friend who is a 60+yr old man with hunting experience all over the Us to help me track my wounded animal. when i saw the second deer and decided that i would try my luck again, but did take my time moved down into the prone, controled my breathing, took a slow steady squeez and hit the next deer who was standing 100% broad side to me. I do not have a tracking dog and think that is one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard.

After my second shot we grabbed my truck went to the place she was standing and began tracking becasue after i walked by where the first one was there was no sign except for the hair and little bit of meat. the second was the most promising to track and recover and they actually both ran into the same area of the property so if a trail crossed then we would find one and look for the other after. I found bone with taht shot and mor hair and more meat and nto too far away we found a blood trail and followed it to the extent and continued looking for close to an hour. so you can blow that smoke some where else. Making the acusations that there was no effort when you have a fragment of a story makes you sound you come on here to make yourself sound smarter and more experienced than teh next guy. that is not what this is for. i will be taking the rifle to the range this weekend to see where i am hitting and if my shot placement was off i will gladly admit it. i am human and erorro is always possible. with taht I am an 11 yr Marine SSgt who qualifies on the rifle range yearly up to 500 yds on the range and i will not even get into weapon experience on multiple deployments. I have a lot of muscle memory from the time i put that weapon into my shoulder to pulling the trigger to follow through of my shot and keeping an eye on my target i know the sound of a round impacting target and missing target. That is why I have the most trouble with the second shot. when i sighted in the rifle i was comfortable with my group enough to take out on a hunt the next day. i woudl not have done so if i was not because i am not going out to maime or wound animals. I use as much of the animal as i can when i comes time to proccess it. I have an easy yet strict set of ethics when i hunt that i follow. I dont take rediculous shots, and If i am not comfortable with the shot i do not take it. I also make every effort to track and locate an animal that may have been wounded. I dont like well fed coyotes. I am not placing all of the blame on the rounds. So lets get that straight also. There seems to be a mixed opinion abotu them and I was just trying to see if anyone else had the same problem so i know if i should continue the use of the ammo or not. I wasnt asking for critique once again. I knwo this post is now all over the place and i am finished with my rant. so lets keep this otu of the "i know more than you so i will try an make you look lesser than me bracket". Thank you and I now look forward to what you all have to say. I appologize for the typos but i was on a roll and dont really feel liek going back and correcting them.

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