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It is now a race to the bottom in these anti-gun states and it makes me sad. If you ask my opinion, NJ already had the toughest laws of any state. Looks like they are trying to become “even tougher”

A3707: Washington DC basically has this already and so far if memory serves it has been used to solve exactly ZERO crimes. I would have to go back and comb the Emily Miller articles to verify.

Also, as I imagine many gun owners feel. The state or for that matter federal govt could kiss my rear end if they expect to dictate how/where I store my firearm in my own home. Same goes for the previously introduced bill allowing "inspections" of the homes of gun owners. This is America, not Soviet Russia. These proposals from NY, NJ, MA, CA all seem to get more and more outlandish, now crossing the line the of tyrannical with every passing day.

I mean the antis just seem to have gone off the crazy rails, they are proposing and passing legislation and taking actions that seem to have no regards for the 1st, 2nd or 4th amendments.
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