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1 oz loads are reasonable ...and at 1200 fps ...they aren't going to wear you out / but they still have some recoil ....if your fundamentals are bad in terms of mounting the gun / or if the gun doesn't fit you properly ....and any pistol grip shotgun is probably your worst choice ( more recoil, difficult to shoot accurately, etc )

but a typical 20ga 7/8 oz of shot...and it'll smack you as well ...especially if its a lighter gun ( which is typical )...
You need to get out to a range - and do some shooting and decide for yourself...on shotguns, rifles and is the issue !
( I shoot 6 - 8 boxes of shotshells a week ---- not all 12ga / and I shoot 6 - 10 boxes a week in a variety of handguns ....9mm, .357 mag...and some .44 mag, etc ) ...some arthritis these days, a rebuilt shoulder, etc...and its no big deal ...
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