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Unless you're one of those risk takers we see on the "funniest home movies" shows, you should NOT load any shells for anyone other than yourself. Lawyers love to sue people for darn near anything. Suppose one of your son's buddies hurts himself or someone else with one of your reloads?

You won't hear the siren, or see flashing lights, but the ambulance chaser will be there with a lawsuit just the same.

In order to make loads for someone else, you need a type 6 FFL, then you need a bunch of VERY expensive liability insurance just for those lawyers when,(not if), they show up. Then keep tax records of state sales tax you HAVE to charge.

Not selling them? You'll still get sued!

So you're an inexperienced reloader, and you are going to be loading for others? I've been loading for over 50 years, I give none of my reloads to anybody. If they want reloads, I show them how to do it on my own equipment. If they catch on quickly, and I see they have the aptitude, IMAY let them load some on my own equipment. Just a few boxes, then they can get their own stuff.
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