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I remember a book I read many years ago was based on life after a nuclear war. And 22 ammo was one of the bartering items. Ammo is far more useful than a gold or silver coin.

In 2008 when the other ammo shortage happened I was worling a hail storm in Austin Tx. i would go to WM ever couple of days for supplies like ink and paper. I would check the ammo while I was there. If they had some of the bulk cartons I would buy a couple and then post the info on the gun forums so that anyone in the area could get a box or two.

Hopefully it will be the same and by April ammo will be back on the shelves again for those who have none. And don't buy all they have. let someone else have a chance at getting some. And then much later when the shelves full and the panic is over stock up and set back a reserve so when the next disaster hits you aren't caught short.
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