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Facts, don't bore us with facts, we want emotions!
Due to business obligations I have only started to watch a little of this.

A few observations:

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar starts her statement by acknowledging how important statistics are and then goes into a long list of emotional triggers ignoring the facts.

Captain Kelly, the husband of Gabby Giffords, response to one question was so full of “maybe”, “might”, could’ve”, etc. that it was devoid of any real facts. Senator Klobuchar acknowledge it and then tried to somehow salvage what he had to say, but really couldn't.

The Chief of Police from Baltimore was there representing several Law enforcement related organizations and calling for an AWB and the banning of magazines over 10 rounds. Senator Cruz of Texas showed him a chart indicated crime was much higher in his City and others with already restrictive gun laws than other Cities. He then asked the Chief to provide some data to support his position or to refute the data from the Justice Department. The Chief basically dodged the question entirely by basically parroting his previous statements.

Also, although we tend to try and avoid partisanship on this site I am struck with how divided this seems to be along party lines. Admittedly I have not watched the entire thing, but it seemed that all the Democratic Senators were anti-gun. Did I miss any of them that seemed to make any real 2A supportive statements?
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