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LaPierre's testimony is here.

  • expanded background checks won't work because we're not prosecuting criminals who try to buy guns now.
  • semiautomatic firearms are the most common choice for the law-abiding
  • we need better mental health reporting to the NICS database
  • armed school security is already common and practical
  • even the DOJ under Clinton admitted that the 1994 AWB had no measurable effect on violence or crime

There was audible booing and hissing during his speech. Feinstein grudgingly acknowledged that the roster of speakers was packed with anti-gun shills, and has promised her own round of supposedly impartial hearings.

Senator Grassley asked Dave Kopel about the 1994 ban, to which Kopel repied, "it was tried with great sincerity ... but it didn't seem to save any lives that the researchers could find."
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