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We saw this in 93/94 and 2008/2009. There is no reason people should have been caught flat footed in 2012/2013. If it is a question of ethics, then the question should be as to why folks are skating by and not preparing for such a crisis before it happens.
I lived through both of those, and dammit if I didn't get caught by this one. I had let myself get low on several types of ammo... 9mm and 5.56... which of course are the hardest to find right now.

I was so busy at work I was not paying attention to my supplies. I was down to 250 rounds of 9mm FMJ and 380 rounds of 5.56. I thought that over the Christmas Holidays I would get another 1000 rounds of each. But then the tragedy happened, and now I am stuck....

I use to get 9mm for ~12 per 50... and I would gladly pay twice that today. But I just can't find any.
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