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HELP,..Whats wrong with this Win. model 1300 pump?

I need some help please,.....I have a buddy who has a Win model 1300 pump 12 ga thats chambered for both 2 and 3/4 and 3 inch shells that has a problem. The gun had been sitting its case for quite a while and rusted up some, so I took it down for him and cleaned it best I could, but still some rust spots remain on the barrel.
The rcvr and all intenal parts are now cleaned and oiled properly.
The 'big' problem is that when the gun is fired, if you do not hold onto the forearm as if you were ejecting the shell for the next round but just fire the gun as if you were firing from the hip one handed, the gun will fire the round but the pump/forearm then travels all the way back on its on as the shell ejects. Its as if the ejector/extractor does not lock when its fired.
What part would I need to fix this problem please?

If I am just operating the gun and pump it normally once its fired, it seems to work ok and will eject the shell and load the next round in line. I just dont like the notion of the thing blowing back on its on and not locking, know what I mean?
Thanks for any help.
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