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As far as the news is concerned, While still super liberal, I haven't seen CNN talk nearly as much or as strongly about gun control as MSNBC. Every time I flip through the national news channels just to see what's going on it seems MSNBC is either saying that the republican party is falling apart (~60-70% of the time) and Pro Gun Control Dribble the other 30-40%. CNN on the other hand has only had gun control (although obviously for it) discussions about 15-20% of the times I've turned it on. Maybe it's just timing on my part though.

As far as friends, Most of mine are either pro 2A/guns or more of a "you do what you want as long as you don't bring your guns to my house" type attitude. I do have a few that are either anti-2A in general or want an AWB or magazine limits etc. I just try to keep conversations on topics that are amicable to both of us. I tried a little to change their minds on irrational fears of guns or certain types of guns, but it didn't take and our friendships are more important to me than trying to convince someone who doesn't want to be.
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