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So, you guys don't have any problems using the non-small base dies and still getting your AR's to shoot cartridges? I had a reloader tell me flat out that using RCBS FL dies would not allow the cartridges to chamber in my rifle unless I used the small base dies. If you configure the FL dies correctly, I don't see the problem in getting them to shoot in any gun. Am I wrong?
Do you believe everything you hear? You'd be a sucker for every infomercial on TV! A house full of miracle gadgets.

No small base dies are needed for factory ammo that has been fired in your chamber,PERIOD! In SOME rare cases where the brass has been fired in machine guns, the bases of the brass has been over expanded. Why? Because the NG's have sloppy chambers to insure they don't jam when they get hot. Then, if you have a tight chambered barrel, you could need the SB die.

I got some "once fired" .223 brass, that HAD been MG fired. I used my standard Lee .223 full-length dies to size them. They sized noticeably harder than "normal" brass, and had crimped primer pockets.
They were also very long, some had to be trimmed 30 thou.

All we can tell you is try it and see. As long as you are setting the shoulder back far enough to allow the bolt to close, fully chambering the loaded round, you should have no problem using the standard FL die set.
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