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Ask about ‘roller lifts’, something like a tall hydraulic jack that comes in two pieces and are attacked to each end and or sides, complete with wheels. The two pieces are secured together then used to raise?

“but I have to build it up with something about 2" so it clears a water line’

I would set the safe down on steel pipe laid on both sides of the water line, rather than use the pipes as a roller I would push the safe across the length of the pipe, then there is plywood or masonite board, rent or purchase to protect the floor.

Then there are Johnson bars, long handle for leverage with a wedge in front of the axle, some refer to the ‘J’ bar as a mule.

Many years ago I was sent out to move a string of box cars, getting the cars to move was one thing, stopping them was another matter.

There are grand piano ‘dollies’ something like a plate with three wheels, one goes under each of the 3 legs, again, protect the floor with plywood and or masonite, avoid sudden stops, and carpet, anything that offers resistance to rolling with stretch carpet, you can do a good job on the safe, after setting the safe it will be time to tighten the carpet.

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