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Cast RB's

Poured and shot my first cast RB's for my Pietta 1851 London yesterday. Finally got a day above freezing to do so. Mostly I wanted to try the 375 Lee mold, although I cast a few 457's just for the halibut. Most of you know that every mold is a law unto itself and this 375 Lee mold is no exception. Each has its own quirks. Took awhile to get some passably shootable RB's. They're dropping at @78.8 grs. at almost exactly .375 with the stuff I have. Only got about 50 "good" ones. Definitely like the nib-less result. They have just a small "flat" making loading much easier than the commercial balls I bought.

Gonna wait til spring for any serious experimentation. Nice to get the silver stream flowin' for a while, though.
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