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But military style assault weapons have no sporting purpose.
It's that "fact" that really puts a burr under my saddle. How can 3 Gun not be a "sport?" And the man could go to a store and buy a general gun magazine. Just to flip through and see what is out there. And he would find articles in _any_ of them about people using AR's for coyote hunting. Or deer hunting. (Especially in 6.5, 6.8, etc.) About the competitors at Camp Perry using them for their precision events at long range. About people using the .22 versions at Appleseed events. Etc, etc.

If they threw in a "IMO" every now and then, I could at least respect the fact that this is their opinion. But when they try to present something as a stone cold fact when they are dead wrong... it frustrates the heck out of me!

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