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^^ I'm with Doc (on both how to clean and when to clean in the Mrs-Willies sink. Sundays during preachin' time is a perfect time. She worships creation one way, and I do it another, with me referencin' the fact that God made men, and Colonel Colt made 'em all equal. That's a good enough connection for old Willie...)

HOT water run into the cylinder for a bit really does work though. I break down the revolver, wash the cylinder holes-up, not tits-up (low hanging fruit, sorry...), with free-flowing hot water, then dip a fiber bristle brush into the ever-handy Ballistol can, and swab each cylinder out a few times. Continue to run hot water into the mouths of the cylinders for a few moments, and put the cylinder on a towel to air dry. A bit of Ballistol on a hand towel to wipe it down later, and a cleaning-mop with the smallest amount of Ballistol on it run ito each chamber once.

I only remove nipples once in a dogs age... they come out easy as they were put in with a dab of never-sieze to begin with.

You could boil the entire thing in a coffee pot, like they did in the old days... cleaning these things is not rocket science, seein' as how it was done in the old days in the field. Water and a bit of soap in a boilin' kettle. Hang on a string to dry, and some fat offa whatever you had shot rubbed on after was about the size of it.


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