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Originally Posted by harathor
for a speed loader holders how would leather work, as I have a friend how can make them for me cheep?
I don't see why they wouldn't work. Note, though, AFAIK, another IDPA rule is that any retention system on a holster must be used if present, so check to see if that applies to speedloader holders, too. If so, and if you're going to have custom leather holders made, and they'll be for competition, rather than carry, I'd recommend having them made without a retention strap over the top. Something akin to the Ready Tacs in the top pic, rather than something like the one in the bottom pic. Keeping them snug in a leather holder without a retention strap might be a challenge, though.

BTW, I've seen speedloader holders made out of PVC, which might be another affordable alternative.

Originally Posted by harathor
Also are speed strips ok to use, I know they are not any where near as fast, but saving a bit of money can be nice at this point.
Speed strips are ok to use, but as you already know, not nearly as fast as a speedloader. If that's what you have, use them for now.

Originally Posted by harathor
I was wondering if there was anything going on in Central Washington.
I'd go to the homepages of IDPA, ICORE and/or USPSA and search for affiliated clubs in your area. Or go to local gun shops and/or ranges and ask what's available in your area.

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