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I recently injured my foot, and I find a crutch to be extremely useful. The two are not incompatible.

That having been said, the most dramatic use I've seen of a laser is in building clearing. A couple of years ago I was dispatched to the local high school where a motion sensor was screaming. We got there about the same time as the principal, who unlocked the door for us. My partner stepped into the darkened hall, drew his pistol and illuminated a guy standing in the hall with his laser. "Get down, get down, get down!" The perp saw the laser on his chest and went prone. We cuffed him, charged him, drove him downtown.

Disclaimer: I don't have a laser on my handgun, but this single incident was very educational. Oh, and the foot is getting better, thank you. I should be back at work in another week or so.
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