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Thanks for all the replies.

First thing is remove yourself and those with you from being downrange of the muzzle of the gun. Next, notify a Range Officer(s)
It was a very short time the incident happened, maybe 30 seconds but to me it seemed like a very long time. By the time I could have found a range officer that guy would have moved on into the range.

Sounds like the ROs weren't doing their job. It sounds like this Guy was doing this 180degrees from where he should have been. How can a range allow anyone to not have their barrel point down range? I would find a different place to shoot.Are the windows bullet proof?
I may not have been clear but this did not take place IN the shooting range area itself but in the building lobby area at the door that leads to it. He was getting ready to enter and checking his gun for some reason. Granted, he should not have had it out at all until he entered the range area. An employee did show up and show him whatever he was trying to do but that was after a LONG ~30 staring at the muzzle pointing in my direction. There was no window between us, just the opening to the restaurant.

I understand what you are saying but you have to get a FAIL on this one
If this was directed at me, I completely agree. The next time I won't hesitate to get up and calmly ask them to please be aware of where you're pointing that thing.

I'm back on the thought of a restaurant at a gun range. Its like seeing the lights of a big city for the first time.
Pretty good sandwiches too. 1776
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