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But I shoot DA/SA and striker fired autos a whole lot better and with ease.
From the sense of pure group size, I usually shoot tighter groups with the DA's, than I do the SA's. I can also usually shoot the DA revolvers faster and tighter than I can shoot the autos too. The downside to the revolvers though, is they stop shooting way to quick. Which is why I normally carry a Glock 17.

To make things worse, DA triggers on autos are nothing like a revolvers DA trigger and tend to be not as smooth.
I havent really found that to be the case. The only really bad DA auto trigers Ive come across, have been some of the smaller, Eastern European military pistols. Other than that, the rest have all been very shootable. One that actually surpasses most revolvers out of the box, was my SIG P250. Its trigger is very much like a DA revolvers, just lighter and smoother.

Sorta like learning to drive .... ya learn on a stick first and then you can drive anything.
Thats pretty much how I look at it.

Its also amazing at the number of people these days, who cant drive a stick.

There seems to be a correlation there with triggers too.
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