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AS - since you mentioned rentals and background checks and fair housing...

Re: a universal background check...
Why? Why do you want to run one? Is it to keep guns out of the hands of felons & crazies or is it because you don't want to assume a legal or moral responsibility for their actions? - this is an either or question, not a "both".

W/regard to rentals..

Say a prospective tenant applied to rent my house. Frank.
He's a single father with a teenage child. Frank Jr.

Should I be allowed to deny the house to him because he has a teen age child?
I can run a background check on him, but, not the teen age child since those records aren't available.

What happens if his teen age child breaks the law? Should I , as a landlord, be responsible for that child's actions?
What if the crime is committed, say, 250 feet away from the property line and in a public park?
Should I still be held liable?

Now, let's say you sell a gun to Frank. Frank has a clean record and passes the check no problem.
Frank's teen age kid , Frank Jr. is a different story. That little delinquent has been in trouble for years.
Should you still be legally or morally responsible if Frank Jr. busts open the gun safe and shoots up the neighborhood?

Heck, I'll even go you one further....

If Frank and Frank Jr. live in my rental house, should I be responsible for the little creep getting his hands on a gun and blazing away at the neighborhood?

I'm curious - where do you draw the line here?

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