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M&P Shield 40 vs. M&P 40c vs XD-40 Sub-Compact

I'm looking to purchase my first CCW. I've been looking around and have narrowed my list to the following.

S&W M&P Shield 40
S&W M&P 40c
Springfield XD-40 Sub-Compact

I have had the opportunity to fire the Shield, and will hopefully be able to fire the other two later this week. That may make my decision for me.

I am leaning toward the Shield, mainly because it will be my first CCW and being thinner, thinking it will be a little more comfortable to carry or slip into a pocket. However the Shield is hard to find.

From what I've read some dealers are getting shields in monthly while other are having to wait months for a single gun. Basically it is hit or miss if your local dealer will be able to get them regularly or have it take several months.

I'm thinking if I can find one in the extended area (2 ish hours), I'll probably go with the Shield, but if I can't I have two options 1) Wait until a Shield becomes avaliable, or 2) select one of the other two.

I'm assuming that S&W has a huge backlog of orders. I wonder if the dealers that are listed on the Smith and Wesson website as a "Smith and Wesson Top Gun Dealer" is more likely to get get them quicker?
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