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My wife has instructed me that I cannot rant about Piers Morgan anymore
Thank your wife for us.

I dont care for the major news outlets myself, since I personally feel that each one has their own slant, as well as their own agenda they are trying to push...As far as news I generally scan the major networks, as well as some international ones, and then form my own viewpoint...

CNN itself, in my opinion, is kind of like Pravda. Putting forward their Administrations views usually.

Originally Posted by win-lose
That guy really gets on my nerves... kinda like root canal
I much prefer a root canal to that morgan guy. I really do... Lets see...

Root canal:
Cute assistants.
Knowledgeable Dr.
That I.V. thing they stick in me, plus that feel good stuff to knock me out!

Mr Morgan:
No cute assistants.
Little real knowledge, just some guy who usually tries to shout down the other.
No pain medication.

I will take a root canal every time...
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