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It will IMO. They want all your guns. It's not about safety it's about forcing us all down the slave road. All guns stand for freedom and individual rights and they want that breed out of us. Here in NJ it started years ago. I posted this on another muzzloading sight and think it is worth mentioning in this thread.

To anyone who thinks "I'm safe I only own black powder guns and I can buy them anytime over the counter". For years now, the state of New Jersey has ruled that all black powder guns, including muzzloading shotguns, rifles, pistols, BB guns and SLINGSHOTS, I repeat SLINGSHOTS are indeed firearms in the eyes of NJ law and subject to the same laws as any other gun. A firearms ID Card is required to purchase any rifle or shotgun, this can take over a year to obtain. Once you have obtained that card from the cheif of police only then can you apply for a seperate pistol permit to purchase a handgun, this is good for only one gun, a seperate permit is required for every handgun you want to buy. Carrying any of these on your person or in your car or truck even if unloaded, without the proper paperwork and going to or from an approved range can land you in jail, facing financial ruin and prison time.
Many of the guns on the contraband list of the antigunners are already banned in the Garden State. I remember when the law went into effect, you had four choises:
1. Turn then it. with NO compensation. No grandfathering in.
2. Have them altered by the state to render then unfireable (Welded to crap) at your own cost.
3. Remove them from the State (What most did).
4. Apply for a class 3 permit for eack now banned gun. NJ has never approved any class 3 permits to anyone but police and very few of them.

Some of the guns banned were:
M1 Carbine, AR-15 and clones, M1A's, AK's any handgun designed for a magazine of over 10 rounds. and many more including shotguns.

Here is how they work it. As far as I know they never sent the NJ State Police after anyone's guns, BUT If they do catch you in possession of said contraband for any reason (house fire or any reason they might enter your home) you are done for.
Make no mistake, they want them all and it is not about safety, it's about subjecting us to their will. I don't know where this is going to end but were in for a rough time of it.
I remember when this new law passed I had friends that worked
in several gunshops and they told me the State Police came in with a portable copy machine and made copys of the yellow purchaser forums

(I forgot the # of this form) but all the now banned firearms that were legally purchased in the past. Totally against the law but it did not matter, they did it anyway.

Remember once the Second Amendment is gone it's gone for good. We only have to look at other countrys to see what they have in store for us.
Gallant Americans gave their lives for the right to keep and bare arms and we inherited that right. The Ball is in our court. If we let our freedom slip away we don't desere it.
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