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Lead fouling ??? New guy casting

I'm casting Lee 158 grain .358" SWC tumble lube, Loading .38 Special
2.8 grs. Clays, CCI small pistol primers (about 825 fps per Hodgdon)
They shoot great for plinking.

My lead is very hard compared to standard purchased cast bullets. I am seeing very little deformation when I dig up the bullets. Most of my lead came from RailRoad scrap my Dad picked up over the years. (some type of bearing maybe) Yes, I'm too cheap to buy a lead hardness tester. I'm noticing some lead fouling in the forcing cone. Not bad but a pain to clean. Rifling is very clean. I previously only shot factory jacketed bullets.

I have a few questions....

1. What damage can be caused by shooting hard lead ???
2. What should I add to soften the pot of lead ? (I have lots of it)
3. Any other advice? ( I know, dumb question)

I'll try to add photo's in a few days.

Thanks in advance
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