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I take it that most here use the swiss powder. Does it burn cleaner, more accurate? What granulation do I get? I paid $5.99 a pound for the Pyrodex so jumping up into the $20's is gonna be hard to swallow considering I only get about 38 rounds per pound if that. Only black powder I have used was made by Dupont and that was used in my pistols. The Sharps has never seen b/p. I've been most happy with the pyrodex cause it cleans up fast and doesn't foul while shooting though I must admit the most I've ever shot at one time was thirty rounds and then my body told me to quit. . Cleaning is easy. I just spray some Tri-flow in the barrel, let it set for 10 minutes, wire brush it and about 5 patches later it's clean as a whistle. Like I said, I still have about 8#s of pyrodex left but it's going to go fast.I shot about 20 rounds yesterday and the guy next to me had a chrono so we tested the Sharps and with was blowing out a 500 gr slug in the 1700fps range which is pretty darn good. He fired a few rounds and commented how accurate it was.

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