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A comment in another thread got me thinking - is it unethical for a gun shop to raise their prices during an actual shortage?
When it comes to pricing, I see the ethics card getting played quite a bit by the folks on the consumer side of the issue. When they don't like price increases and feel the reason for the increase isn't warranted, they claim the issue of ethics when they have not other grounds to complain about not being able to buy that which they maybe should have had already.

Unlike the storm analogy, this is not a physical disaster, but like the storm analogy, this is something that folks could have (and many did) plan for. They want other people to store all the necessary good for them (like generators, ammo, or mags) to be ready when they need them at no additional cost instead of forking over the money an incurring the hardship and expense of storing for themselves. So they get caught with their pants down and when nothing illegal is being done, resort to claiming or questioning ethics.

The "shortages" right now are artificial. It isn't like the whole of the orange crop in the US was just killed in a freeze and now there are no oranges left. There is plenty of ammo and guns out there, but in private hands. Ammo and gun companies are running at full speed in most cases, producing as much as they possibly can produce and it is just being purchased by Johnny-come-lately hoarders (aka panic buyers).

We saw this in 93/94 and 2008/2009. There is no reason people should have been caught flat footed in 2012/2013. If it is a question of ethics, then the question should be as to why folks are skating by and not preparing for such a crisis before it happens.

Ethics is most definitely a 2 sided issue.
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