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Can this lawsuit reach SCOTUS or will it stay entirely in NYS
Yes, it can reach the United States Supreme Court and that was the point of filing the case in New York State Supreme Court. Going through the State trial courts places the case on a fast track to Supreme Court review. Federal court could tie this case up at the trial level for years. That's why you didn't see the NYSRPA file a Federal suit either. Although on one hand it's to see that organization try to race Mr. Tresmond court, on the other hand, it's humorous to see attorneys from the law firm who filed the NYSRPA's notice of claim actually attempted to contact Mr. Tresmond trying to garner information, arguments and strategy (Al, I'll send more information in a PM) to use in a "race" to court. The point is to strike the law, not race each other in court. For those who are worried that they haven't seen Mr. Tresmond's litigation skills or heard of him in national firearms litigation, rest assured: Mr. Tresmond may not at the moment be as well known as Alan Gura, but he has access to every resource as Mr. Gura, with a comparable staff assisting him on the case that is comprised of well known Constitutional law scholars from around the country.
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