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I have had excellent results,no fails,with Nosler 115 gr Ballistic Tips on antelope .I know 165 gr Ballistic Tips work just fine on elk with a 308.By Ballistic Tip,I mean Nosler.

I suspect that little chunk of riblike bone came off the top of the withers,at the peak of the shoulders,There are some rib like bones that stick up there.

I believe you may have shot high.

There is a lot more to how a bullet performs than how it looks.How thick and hard the jacket is,etc.Pretty hard to make a bullet that works in a 300 Savage,30-40 Krag,etc,yet can hold together from a 300 magnum.

The 30-30 will kill a deer stone dead with a cast leadbullet if you hit him in the heart lung area.It will do it with the original 150 and 170 gr rd nose 30-30 bullets.I know a guy eats plenty of venison and he uses the Leverlution bullets in his Marlin 336.Groups about 1 1/2 at 100 yds.If those do not work,you missed.

I have no comment on Zombie bullets.I have not encoutered Zombies.Drones,yes,Zombies,no.Are they intended for big game?If not,you failed the deer by using the wrong bullet.

Does your 30-30 have a tube magazine under the barrel?

Hornady made their points out of rubber for a reason.Pointy rubber tips won't set off the primer of the round in front in the tube during recoil.Its bad to use pointy bullets in a tubemag.Even hard plastic ones Its a roman candle thing.

For deer hunting with a 30-30I suggest you use one of the following:

Traditional 30-30 150 and 170 round nose bullets

Hornady Leverlution.

If those do not work,you missed.Practice more.The 30-30 hs been working for a really long time on millions of deer.
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