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One thing to be careful of with 3" 1911's is that they do have a reputation for being somewhat finicky. I've never owned one personally, but the consensus seems to be that they can be hit or miss. I have had fantastic luck with Kimber - as have all the people I personally know who've had them - but there again you have a reputation of hit or miss - both with QC and CS. I'm definitely not telling you not to get it, but just be aware of what you're getting. I'd probably try to buy it from a place that will let you shoot it first - if that's possible. Chances are it will function perfectly, but it probably has a higher than average chance of needing a tuning.
Another gun that you might want to look at is the XDs. It's only available in .45 at the moment (9mm and .40 are coming out soon), but - with the peirce pinky extension - it's the perfect size for CCW in my mind, and it was specifically designed as a subcompact. It's not nearly as sexy as the Kimber, but mine's been perfectly reliable, and I have yet to hear about any issues with them. It's not an issue for me because I just keep it IWB (out of sight, and frequently wet with sweat) but you said you were looking for something that looks a little more classic.
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