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Webleymkv is talking about the 7.65mm Parabellum cartridge, also known as the .30 Luger or 7.65 Luger.
Well thats interesting that Webley said that in this thread, because if he did, he quoted me. I guess his post was inappropriate, because apparently the mods deleted his post which quoted me. Or maybe, you have mistaken me for someone who appreciates fugly Brit revolvers? I like pretty women, and I'm no different with revolvers - S&W and Colt.

About the ammo... I'll have to disagree slightly with Webley here. 7.65 Parabellum ammo IS available, and prices isn't outrageous IMHO,
As above, you are also disagreeing with me. There is no reason to assume that the OP is interested in handloading 7.65 luger. Buying ammo just for a vintage handgun that he may not even enjoy is not a good idea if the gun can be had in 9mm. Also consider resale value. 30 cal lugers are not as sought after, and bring less money, most of the time. The biggest reason not to buy a 30 cal aka 7.65 luger is because if the caliber was not good enough for the German army, it should not be good enough for you!

Here are my lugers which don't make it to the range, and for good reason. Top - DWM Dutch contract ca 1913 (I have original mag and holster, all matching), next is a DWM 1917 Navy Luger - mismatched safety, otherwise good. Navy lugers are targeted by counterfeiters because they are hard to find and somewhat simple to fake, although mine is the genuine article. Next is a police G date (1935), all matching including mag. Only approx 900 G date lugers were procurred for the Nazi police. Last, is a BYF 42 black widow, which is all matching, and a full rig as well. The top 3 are rare, and the 4th one, in a rig, is very sought after. All are non-import, and the safety lever is the only mismatched part on the 4 guns. Top two are DWM, and bottom two are Mauser. DWM tooling went to Mauser and the Erfurt tooling went to Simson and Suhl, and later to Heinrich Krieghoff.

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