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Given the FACT that Glocks have increasingly figured in accidental (or negligent) discharges of late, such as the recent case of the man who shot and killed his 7 yr. old son, while climbing into his truck and reaching to place the gun (a Glock) into the console compartment.....and the FACT that cases of this happening with true DAO's are, at best, very few and far between (I've NEVER heard of one such case involving the P250)......I'll consider my point proved, as best it can be.
I have to point out that the Glock is exponentially more popular than the P250, so comparing the number of incidents with each gun isn't a fair comparison.

I'll admit the Glock is less safe than the P250, but ONLY IF THE USER IS STUPID ENOUGH TO KEEP THEIR FINGER INSIDE THE TRIGGER GUARD. Otherwise, the danger is snags, which is an extremely rare occurence; the P250 protects against this with the long trigger and the Glock with the trigger safety bar.

Saying the Glock is less safe than the P250 is like saying one car is less safe than the other because it's capable of a higher top speed: Sure, if you drive like an idiot the faster car will be more dangerous, but if you drive with just a little bit of sense it's a non-issue.
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