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Bills Introduced in California

CA Bills

A number of bills were introduced in CA yesterday, ranging from poorly thought out to . Individually they're all bad, if multiples of them were enacted as law, the unforeseen consequences could be really bad.

One that really stands out.
AB 169 (Asm. Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento) People exempted from restrictions on purchasing guns designated as unsafe by the California Department of Justice would be prohibited from selling or transferring ownership of those guns to anyone who is not also exempt. “AB 169 will keep non-rostered, unsafe handguns out of the hands of people who don't have a legitimate and lawful reason to own them. By limiting the guns available for sale we can further protect our families and our communities from gun violence,” said Assemblymember Dickinson.
You know who's exempt from the roster? LEOs... Do they not trust LEO's judgement in who they sell to, along with all their other current laws? I find it interesting, that even though LEOs are exempt their exempt purchases are not limited to duty weapons. The implication being its lawful and legitimate for LEOs to own any handgun for self defense, recreation or whatever, but not for average Joe/Jane.

If anyone finds the text of the bills please post links I'll try and find them when I have time.
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